One of the goals of the Center for Sustainable Living is making the concepts of green and simple living accessible to people of all ages.  With that in mind, we will be offering FREE kid-friendly activities again this year from 1:00 to 5:00 in Third Street Park.  This year our focus is presentations and hands-on activities that the whole family can enjoy together.  We also encourage you to check out our green living booths where many of our vendors and volunteers will be running demonstrations and activities all day long.

Our three family-oriented workshops:

  • 1:00 to 2:00 – Recycled Home Projects with the Bloomington High School South Environmental Club.  Bring your kids to learn a few new recycling tips and crafts from high school students passionate about saving the planet.
  • 2:30 to 3:30 – Trashion for Kids with Discardia.  Learn how to turn t-shirts into other cool clothing. Make jewelry from trash.  Discardia will provide recycle/ reuse materials and assistance to budding trashionistas.  Come and create stylish designs and gain a new appreciation for your trash. You might even be inspired to join next year’s Trashion Show!
  • 4:00 to 5:00 – How to Have 100 Care-Free Pets with Lucille Bertuccio.  Learn about Lucille’s favorite animals: worms!  Red wriggler worms need only a small bin in which to live and left-over food waste to eat.  In return, they generate excellent nutrients for your garden while also satisfying  your child’s craving to provide care for another living creature.  Be the first in your neighborhood to have a worm bin!

Interested in helping with family-friendly activities?  Check out our volunteer page for more information.

9-10am. Set up  (4 tables, 10 chairs)
10-11am. Meet our friends the Bats – Laura Hohman
11-12am. Bloomington Playwrights Project – Gail Bray, teacher artist with BPP, will help children use recycled materials, natural and found objects to make puppets. As artist-in-residence at BPP, Gail has wide experience in education, acting and directing.
1-2pm. WildCare, Inc will present a live animal program with their raptor ambassador, the Eurasian Barn Owl. This summer WildCare cared for eleven Indiana state endangered Common Barn Owls, which will soon go back to their wild habitats. Learn about the Barn Owl habitat, special adaptations for hunting at night, and WildCare’s role in caring for injured and orphaned wild animals.
2-3pm. WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology – Andrea Oeding, Assistant Gallery Operations Manager for WonderLab will present a lab session called “Hot Technology” consisting of activities and demonstrations that allow children to become more aware of the nature of the sun and how the energy produced by it can be captured and used.

3-4.30pm. Trashionistas – Kathleen Clark and Jeanne Leimkuhler, founders of Discardia, an upcoming shop for selling articles made from recyclables, along with several other trashionistas, will help children make objects from recycled t-shirts and jewelry from orange peels at one table. At a second table, we will be making crocheted chains from “plarn” (plastic yarn) and adding beads for making belts and jewelry. Table number 3 will be for making various sock animals. There will be 4 tables tables with stations for these activities.

Kathleen and Jeanne were both designers in the Trashion/ReFashion show last February and are dedicated to raising awareness about recycling as a practical way to make fun and fashionable items. Naomi and Grace Gorman are inveterate sock monkey (and other sock animals,including ghosts) creators.


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