This year we are pleased to kick off the Simply Living Fair with live music from 12:00 to 1:00!

  • Bloomington Peace Choir – Songs of Peace
  • Soul Circle – Celebratory Drumming
  • International Dance Ensemble of IU – Dances from Around the World

About the Bloomington Peace Choir (
Choirs are communities of people who love to sing in harmony.  They create music together by learning how to listen and how to blend. Harmony is essential to world peace and only exists when we are willing to both honor our cultural, personal, and political differences and celebrate that which unites us all as the human family.  Who better to advocate for a peaceful world than a choir of people singing in harmony?

The Bloomington Peace Choir is a multicultural, multi-generational group. We join simply for the joy of singing.  Songs from the world’s traditions are explored, and music is presented using diverse learning approaches.   Whether singing a song from South Africa or from a local musical artist like Carrie Newcomer, we bring music with a message to listening hearts and minds. Come travel the world with us through the beauty of song.  Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30pm at Unity of Bloomington located at 4001 South Rogers Street in Bloomington, IN.  Learn more at

About the International Dance Ensemble of IU
This dance performance is led by Leah Savion and executed by some of the veterans of the IU International Folkdance group. Folk dances in their native lands form an important instrument for culture preservation and transfer by ethnic groups. They depict significant historical events, daily sentiments, and traditional music and instruments, and are danced by all age groups at weddings, ceremonies, and wherever there’s lots of food, music, and wine. The dances performed here are from Bulgarian, Romanian, Israel, and Hungary.


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